About Gem Bags

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"For everyone at GEM Bags, quality is paramount. Since our bags will be used to protect your favourite gadgets, we never loose sight of the trust you are putting in us."
Leanne Goodes
Head of Customer Service

About Us

GEM is quickly becoming recognized as a global player in providing quality cases for cameras, camcorders and laptops. Our aim has always been to provide the highest quality cases at an affordable price. We have been able do this by manufacturing our own products which we sell direct to our customers, thus saving costs without compromising quality.

Gem Bags Premises

History & the Future

We started trading from a garage in Cambridgeshire in 2003. We have steadily grown and now have our own offices, still based in Cambridgeshire. Month on month the number of our customers steadily grows. We can thank our customers for a lot of this growth as they spread the word about us.

Our plans for the future are to further expand our business through further customer growth as we develop new products. Our plan is to continue our steady and controlled growth in order that we can continue to provide the very highest level of customer service which we have become known for.

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